Ke Ala Aloha

 (Pathway to Love)

Mental health, emotional and social well-being are a right, not a dream.  All programs at HCEC are based on the recognition and certainty that every client is born with the innate potential to discover and live from a naturally healthy state of mind within themselves.  The principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness are the foundation of all clinical and educational interventions at HCEC.   Common sense and the feelings of love, understanding and humor are the guide in helping clients regain their own sense of well-being and wisdom to live a healthy, happy, productive life.  Mental health is a thought away for every human being.

Outpatient - Individual, Couples, Marriage & Family
Hawaii Counseling & Education Center Inc. offers a full range of outpatient clinical services to individuals, couples and families.  Clinical services are provided to children, adolescents and adults who are in need of services for stress management, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, anxiety, depression, family conflicts, communication or relationship difficulties, anger management, and other psychological disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs
Hawaii Counseling & Education Center Inc. offers intensive treatment programs for individuals, couples and families. Intensive treatment in a short-term, high-impact counseling service provided to people locally and around the world.  The intensive programs are individualized and usually run from four days to one month.  We offer high and low intensity programs.  The high-intensity program consists of up to two sessions daily.  The low-intensity program can vary from two to five sessions weekly, based on the client's need.

These programs are available year-round.  There are many lovely bed and breakfasts on the island that will allow time for quiet and relaxation between sessions.

 Ke Ala La`i

(Pathway to Serenity)

There is help for substance abuse.  The answer lies in clients ability to understand their true psychological nature and learn how to nurture and live from a healthy state of mind.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs - Adolescents and Adults
HCEC has an individualized outpatient substance abuse treatment program for adolescents and adults.  These programs are based on principles that help people realize they can live a clean and sober life.  The program is approximately three to six months in length, based on individual progress.  Treatment is provided by experienced counselors, who will assess needs and develop an individualized treatment plan with the client.  

Treatment includes weekly individual sessions (daily if necessary).  Family sessions are very important and are an integral part of the program.  Homework assignments may include reviewing materials and audio and video tape reviews.  Aftercare is included in the treatment planning and follow-up.  Participants will attend individual services at the level that will best support their sobriety.  Abstinence, honesty, commitment to change, and compliance with treatment schedule and staff recommendations are mandatory requirements for admission to the program.

Hawaii Counseling & Education Center Inc. accepts most insurance plans, and can also arrange for private fee-for-service.