Ke Ala Ho`opa`a

(Pathway to Learning)

Educational & Training Programs

Examples of these programs include:

Three Principles Workshops
Three Principles Workshops are held a various times in the year and discuss the Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.  The  seminars focus on deepening ones understanding of living from innate health and common sense.   HCEC can also provide trainings at your place of business or in your community.

Wellness Programs
Wellness Programs are custom designed to meet your needs.  The programs that we have designed range from stress reduction to preventing workplace violence to customer service delivery to substance abuse education.  All Wellness Programs at HCEC have their roots in the Three Principles.

Community Workshops
Community Workshops are individually designed with your input.  This allows HCEC to respond to your needs and identify and address the issues that are most pressing.  The Workshops can be as brief as three hours or extend to two or more days.

Seminars for Educators
Seminars for Educators draw upon our thirty plus years of experience in working with students and educators.  We are able to assist with personnel issues, communication stumbling blocks, increasing personal and communal mental well being, as well as providing informational seminars on mental health issues of students and staff.  If there is a topic that impacts educators, we are able to address that topic.

Doctoral Internships, Masters-Level Practicum
HCEC's internship and practicum program has been highly successful.  Much of the current staff was hired after they completed their training at the agency and then wanted to remain with the agency. 

HCEC provides inspired, insightful programs that are fun, practical and enlightening.  We can custom-design programs and workshops for most groups and organizations in Hawaii, on the Mainland and internationally.