Clinical Services

The Hawaii Counseling & Education Center Inc. (HCEC) offers a full range of outpatient clinical services to individuals, couples, families and groups.  Clinical services are provided to children, adolescents and adults, including substance abuse and anger-related services.

Treatment is individualized, and the length of services is based on client's progress towards their stated goals.  HCEC accepts most private insurance plans and can also arrange a fee-for-service plan. 

Outpatient Counseling

HCEC's counseling staff consists of licensed professionals with a vast range of experience.  The client or family's counseling sessions are individualized and designed specifically to address the concerns of the participants.  The focus of counseling is to draw out the health in clients and to help them understand themselves better so as not to continue to repeat cycles of unhealthy behavior.

Psychoeducational Programs

The power of innate mental health is unbounded.  All psychoeducational programs at HCEC are designed to assist clients to realize and experience their own innate health and wisdom.  Activities, strategies and teaching are focused on helping clients have fun, relax and gain insight into their own natural ability to create harmony and happiness in their day to day lives.

Community Programs

Learning is a natural process of growing and evolving as human beings.  All community programs at HCEC point people toward the endless possibilities for building the life and the world that we all want for ourselves and our children.  We design programs to meet the specific needs of groups and organizations with the goal of helping people embrace their own potential to create and live their own dreams.

 Business Consultation

Imagine a workplace where teamwork is energized and supportive, leadership is inspired and inclusive and communication is relaxed, clear and effective.  Imagine an organization that is self-renewing, open and participative.  Imagine a work environment that is happy, harmonious and highly motivated.  HCEC provides custom-designed business programs that meet the individualized needs of businesses and helps to establish a foundation for ongoing development of healthy systems and practices.

Clinical Supervision

HCEC also offers clinical supervision for pre and post master's students.  We are a practicum and internship site for several schools and can provide a variety of learning experiences for students.  Our Executive Director, Christine Heath, is an AAMFT-approved supervisor with over 30 years of supervisory experience. Sherilynn Emiliano, LMHC, and Drs. Ed Bieda and Stan Luke each have more than 15 years of supervisory experience.

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