Ke Ala Pono

(Pathway to Harmony)

The Hawaii Counseling & Education Center Inc. (HCEC) provides domestic violence and anger management programs to adolescents and adults experiencing problems with anger and violence.  Services can be provided as individual counseling sessions or via enrollment in a group.

As with all of our services, our clients are treated with respect and are taught how they can access their innate health and well being.  In accessing innate health, the client understands the source of anger and the relationship between thought and emotions. This understanding enables them to make positive changes and establish calmer interactions and relationships with others.

The Anger Management and Domestic Violence Group Programs are designed as two-hours per week, 15-week group education experiences.  The programs are approximately four months in length with aftercare and follow-up components.   Additionally, individual counseling for anger management or domestic violence issues are scheduled at the convenience of the client, and family members or partners can be included in sessions, as appropriate.  Both individual and group programs welcomes  voluntary and court-ordered clients.  Progress reports and/or certificates of completion are available to clients who complete the program.  Services are provided six days a week, by appointment, to best meet the scheduling needs of the client. 

Domestic Violence & Anger Management Program - Adolescents and Adults
(Men and Women)

Domestic Violence can be stopped.  HCEC's Ke Ala Pono Domestic Violence and Anger Management program helps clients break the cycle of anger and violence, freeing themselves from their pasts and their unhealthy habits of thought and behavior.  Clients are helped in simple, common sense ways to regain access to their own natural state of health and wisdom out of which they can see how to change their lives for the better.   Ke Ala Pono recognizes that people who are perpetrating violence on others have lost sight of their own innate source of happiness and security and seek to control others to gain some sense of security and control in their lives.